Sunday, 27 January 2013

It's cold here...

Sunday 27th January 2013

So, although I do have another birding blog lined up, with 2 lifers added and photographed today, I just wanted to share some pictures taken over the last month or so of the changing view out over Lake Ontario.

The New Year began with a cold snap and plenty of snow but I didn't manage to get out and capture it as we were settling into our new home. However, I did catch the last of the ice before the weather warmed up.

Lake Ontario - Mini icebergs!

By mid-month, the warm spell was being replaced by strong winds and the change in the lake was quite something - from serene blue waters to crashing dark waves.

Wind Turbines on Wolfe Island

The Wind whips up Lake Ontario

The last few days of January have seen temperatures drop down past -20°C and the lake is now entirely frozen - certainly as far as my eye can see (with bins), and that's quite some way! I even saw a few brave souls out skating today. Now that's certainly not for me...

Lake Ontario freezes over

Strong currents ruck the ice on Lake Ontario
Ice Bottles, Lake Ontario - Weird!
Ice Vials, Lake Ontario - Weirder!

Ice Saw on Steel Cable, Lake Ontario - Weirdest!

And for those of you who wanrt to know, my 2 lifers today were both relatively common birds I guess - Red-bellied Woodpecker and a rather unseasonal Pine Warbler. Read all about them in the next post.

Till next time...



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