Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Two Rosy Starlings in Dhangadhi

Tuesday, 8th May, 2012

After last week's sighting of a Rosy Starling, I today saw 2 birds in exactly the same tree - and once again from my balcony! This time, I used my telescope and digital camera adapter to take some slightly better pictures. Carol Inskipp was kind enough to comment on the original sighting and commented that Rosy Starling "probably fits the catergory of rare visitor now". However, the Great Slaty Woodpeckers also sparked some interest, so today I have more pictures of both.

Firstly, I went to the woods on the 6th May only to find an extensive area of undergrowth completely destroyed by fire. I'm quite sure many birds lost nests, and certainly breeding habitat for the year. However, the 4 Great Slaty Woodpeckers seemed oblivious to everything and continued with their display from the previous week.

Great Slaty Woodpecker - Dhangadhi Woods
Also very nice was a fruiting tree that held large numbers of Yellow-throated Sparrow (Chestnut-shouldered Petronia), Indian grey Hornbill, Alexandrine Parakeet and a pair of Chestnut-tailed Starling.

Yellow-throated Sparrow - Dhangadhi Woods

Indian Grey Hornbill - Dhangadhi Woods

And so to today's Rosy Starlings...

Two birds, same tree, better pictures.

Rosy Starling - Dhangadhi

Rosy Starling - Dhangadhi

Rosy Starling - Dhangadhi
These could be my last sightings from the Far-West for a while. We're now into Day 12 of a total shut-down, with escalating violence. Two colleagues got out in a UN vehicle this afternoon. The remaining 4 of us are probably heading out with a police-escorted convoy tonight. Will keep you posted!


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