Wednesday, 18 April 2012

More Vultures.

UPDATE: Sunday 3rd Feb 2013

Unfortunately, I didn't get as much feedback as I'd hoped for, illustrating, I assume, the complexities of identification. However, general opinion did seem to support (Eurasian) Griffon Vulture for the first set of 3 photos (all the same bird), although this was by no means unanimous. This was based upon the strongly rufous colouration on the chest and underwing, distinct whitish bar on median underwing coverts, less defined but still clearly visible patagial bar and clear pale streaks on chest and belly. However, no opinions were given for the second bird. The shots of this second bird are not as clear as those of the first but I would still be tempted to go with Griffon Vulture for much the same reasons, even though the bar on the median underwing coverts is not as distinct.

I have renamed the first set of photos, but have left the second set unchanged.

Wednesday, 18th April 2012

Two weeks ago I was seeing quite a few vultures passing over the house on a daily basis, with a maximum count of 36 on the 9th. They were mainly White-rumped Vultures with a few others mixed in for good measure. These last few days have been much quieter for some reason, so it was a pleasure to see them back today. Six of the 14 I saw today were White-rumped. The others were a little more tricky...

Here is one individual. If you click on the picture (the first is sharpest), you'll see a larger version. This individual came in very low right over the house. Please comment on the ID. I'm going to suggest Eurasian to get the ball rolling.

(Eurasian) Griffon Vulture, Dhangadhi

(Eurasian) Griffon Vulture, Dhangadhi

(Eurasian) Griffon Vulture, Dhangadhi

Here are 2 shots of another bird taken here in Dhangadhi a couple of weeks ago. I would suggest it's probably the same, though the detail isn't anything like so good. However, this bird appears to have a yellow tip to the bill and the whitish central bar is not so broad.

Another (Eurasian) Griffon Vulture?

Another (Eurasian) Griffon Vulture?

Comments are most welcome (and necessary)!


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