Wednesday, 11 January 2012

What a week so far!

Wednesday, 11th January 2012

Well, I've certainly had an interesting start to the week.

Sunday 8th Jan: Went to visit some schools as part of work but found them all closed due to either cold weather or exams. Not too disheartened though because I had 2 Slender-billed Vultures and 6 Himalayan Griffon perched in trees beside the main road, just west of Attariya - eyeing up a stinky dead cow by the looks of it. Can't grumble at the birds - with cracking views too. Shame I forgot the camera.

Monday 9th Jan: Resigned from work - effective March 31st - but will stay out here after that date to support Terri.

Tuesday 10th Jan: Visited 'Dhangadhi Woods', my local Sal Forest. The unseasonal rain of the last couple of days made the track a challenge but it was still passable. Visited 'the glade', to get away from it all. Not a great deal of major interest, though the Yellow-bellied Fantail, and now several Grey-sided Bush Warblers, is still there. My woods are only 180 metres above sea level, so I guess these two species are just about as low as they go. Lots of Greenish Warblers and Oriental White-eye flitting about, as well as a couple of Blyth's Leaf Warblers. Got a frustratingly brief glimpse of a 'blue flycatcher' - just the blue back and part of the rather orange upper chest. Most probably Tickell's. Also Streak-throated Woodpecker and Lesser Goldenback - both performing rather well. Had a surprise female Grey Bushchat on the way home too, but like I say, rather quiet today.


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